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Audible Premium Plus LIFETIME Private Account

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What is Audible? Amazon’s audiobook service explained

If you enjoy reading but don’t have much time to do so, consider listening to books instead. Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon that sells and creates spoken audio content.

The history of Audible

Audible began as an independent firm in 1995, producing a digital audio player for users to purchase in order to listen to their favorite audiobooks. The device was limited because to the technology available in the mid-1990s, only holding about two hours of audio in Audible’s proprietary format. After the former CEO, Andrew Huffman, died of a heart attack, the company went through some difficult times. Audible, on the other hand, did not lose up, and by 2003, the company had negotiated an agreement with Apple to produce books for iTunes.

I currently have an active subscription on my account, can you upgrade it?

No. You must cancel your current subscription first and wait for it to expire.

What’s the duration of an upgrade?

The duration of an upgrade is random. It can last like days or months. I cannot control that unfortunately.

How long it can take to receive my upgrade?

It usually take less than 24h but sometimes, it can take up to 48h

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