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If you are looking for Scribd Premium Private Account Lifetime then you are in the right place, grab yours now at cheap price

What is Scribd Premium?

Scribd is a massive digital library that contains ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts, magazines and news stories, sheet music, papers, and much more. Subscribers have access to our library for a small monthly charge. All users, including non-subscribers, can add their own content to our document collection and browse many documents published by our community for free.

What is Scribd used for ?

Scribd provides fast access to ebooks, audiobooks, articles, podcasts, sheet music, and documents through a single digital subscription.

How much does it cost to join Scribd?

How much does it cost to join Scribd? Scribd costs $30 lifetime with the Scribd subscription service. Scribd has no yearly or other fees and offers an unlimited subscription for its services.

How does the warranty work?
I offer a lifetime guarantee which means that if your account got downgraded, I will renew it for free until my method dies. Please keep in mind that “Lifetime” means the lifetime of the METHOD, not yours.
if your account Dies and our method is patched, you’ll have to wait for the next method and get a free Account as replacement.

I currently have an active subscription on my account, can you upgrade it ?

No. You must cancel your current subscription first and wait for it to expire.

What’s the duration of an upgrade?

The duration of an upgrade is random. It can last like days or months. I cannot control that unfortunately.

How long it can take to receive my upgrade?

It usually take less than 24h but sometimes, it can take up to 48h.

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